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Thanks for popping into our library of articles. Some are in the form of tips and “how to” posts, while some are Elle’s affirmations and journal entries. They range in topics about mental wellness, parenting, homeschooling, workplace resilience and many more.

When Will We Start Advocating for Survivors

Think about it, the problem with sexual violence and how it is treated lies with us, the people in society who have created these ridiculous excuses for who is deemed a perpetrator of sexual violence and who is deemed an asking for it victim/survivor.

The Things I Hope Won’t Go Back to “Normal”

Just about everywhere the conversation of how to come out of lockdown, how to resume our routines and get back to “normal” is happening, and whilst we are all figuring out what that looks like for each of us, here are my hopes for what we leave in “pre COVID” #1 – Not Making Time…

5 Home Schooling Lessons Learned as a Parent – #2

This one is one of my favourite lessons in this series, as its an opportunity to show up for our children in some really awesome ways. It was not an easy lesson for me, but once I got it, I wondered why it took me so long to embrace this reframing of home education. #2…

5 Home Schooling Lessons Learned as a Parent – #1

A couple days ago my boys enthusiastically let know that the school term is done and they are officially on summer break. I am not quite sure how different summer break looks from the homeschooling term, but that we shall see. Anyway this made me reflect on how our homeschooling experience has been and to…


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About miguelle

Hi, I’m Miguelle or Elle for short. Previously a corporate manager, I am now (well for the past few years) a full-time independent Mental Health Practitioner. I am also a wife, mom of 2 brilliant & energetic boys and stepmom to 2 amazing & talented girls. I spend most of my time working in Health & Care, making family memories and enjoying our life. Providence is “home” for me and I am happy to be sharing my experience, tips and favourites with you!

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