Fuel Your Passion

This morning I was shuffling around in the kitchen making breakfast for the boys and one of my friends started messaging in our little group chat. She was so upbeat and was sharing about her plans and ideas that she was going to work on today to boost her “side venture”, the ultimate goal being that it will be sans “side” at some point in the future.

Her excitement and energy were beaming through the phone and it was undeniable that she was in her flow this morning, that this is something that she is passionate about and that this aspect of her life brings her joy. Despite the fact that the group conversation inevitably shifted to the topic of food, specifically this morning’s cravings for pancakes… my friend’s energy set a tone for all of us and added a spark to the start of the day. It made me think of what my plans were for my day and what I should be doing to fuel my own passions.


Dear Self,
Many times we get used to our routine and comfort zones, that we can set ourselves to auto pilot for the day and get through just fine. On a weekend like this or on our times off, we get busy catching up on our “to dos” or in some cases, catching up on rest from a tiring week – both of which are necessities. But do we carve out the time to fuel our passions? To put some work into getting us just a little bit closer towards that dream… that vision we have floating around in our heads. The vision of our better selves, the one that is courageously pursuing that passion.

So many of us reside somewhere behind the barriers of “ If only I had more time” or “If I didn’t have to work..” or “My children <insert here any other responsibilities> won’t allow for this..” or “I will probably be no good at it anyway…” We confine ourselves to these walls built by our very own hands.  If we can admit that we make time for what is important to us… then isn’t feeding that inner yearning and allowing ourselves to fully explore who we are meant to be important?

To get there though, we have to step out a little, push ourselves a bit, we have to act on it. We have to try, we have to practice, we have to learn and we have to just do it. Whether this work we put in, manifests itself into finding that sweet spot of doing the thing we are passionate about for a living OR that we get to live our passion (whilst keeping that day job), we need to take the steps (albeit each of us at our own pace) towards our authentic self, the one that is buried beneath our fears, our routines, the expectations of others.
Today and every day I will put the time in to fuel my passion, whether today its an inch or a giant leap I will make a move forward towards my calling, my purpose and the life I am truly capable of living.



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