Love Note

This one isn’t a note to self (not really). I never really gave much thought to having children and a family when I was younger, either because it wasn’t something of interest at the time or I took for granted would be an option for me if  and when I wanted that later in life.

When I did decide that I definitely wanted children, I found out that although not impossible, due to medical conditions, it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to carry a baby to term. I was devastated…as fate would have it though and a long story later, I have been blessed with the gift of not one, but TWO sons and further given the honour of being a stepmom to two beautiful and amazing young ladies.

 Motherhood has changed my entire outlook on life, made me a better person and has filled my heart beyond measure….this….. is a love note to my son(s)…..

Letters to My Sons

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