Practicing Patience

About seven weeks ago I slipped, fell and broke my ankle. I had to get a cast and a pair of crutches and have been under instructions to rest and not place any weight on the injured leg. Looking past the pain and discomfort of the break itself (which was ridiculous…Ouch!!) I now had to start the road of recovery, learning how to walk with crutches, being creative with getting myself around and trying to accomplish everyday tasks (clearly taken for granted in my pre broken ankle life). Realising a little too starkly that what I could do was drastically and I dare say dramatically restricted. My mind and my body were (oh who am I kidding.. still are) at war, because for this ultimate life juggler, doing and being all things everyday, all day and always needing to be in control, I now can barely take care of myself and am forced to calm my mind (as best as possible) and learn to give up control, rely on others and yes the big one…ask for help!

This period of recovery (which is not over yet) is teaching me many lessons, too many for one “note to self”. This note though is on the lesson of having patience, do we really have the patience that life requires?


Dear Self,

If you asked me seven weeks ago whether I had patience, I would have easily answered “Uhm yes…I’m a mom, that’s a given!”. And many of us whether we are parents or not have all exercised patience in our interactions with others, in the many situations that we are faced with that require a pause and perhaps being a bit gracious. The line at the cashier, the wait at the doctor’s office, the longer than necessary story from a relative or the wait for your food to arrive at the restaurant. We have done it, yes we are capable and yes we have patience.

Ok, but what about the things that require more time? The longer term end goals that require from us more than a few minutes or hours of grace. The weeks, months or even years wait… like “going natural” growing out that hair, or healing from a bone fracture, or waiting for the new business to start making money. Sometimes it feels like watching grass grow.

The definition of patience is to have the capacity to accept that delay or trouble or wait without becoming annoyed or anxious. Much easier said than done. But when we give of our personal best towards that end goal, we do our part and put in the work, and of what we can control we ensure that we make the right decisions… the rest of it, how it ends up, how long it takes…. the fate of it, requires us to dig deep and have faith, acceptance and…. patience. Virtues that are life long works in progress for most of us.

Today and everyday I will try to practice patience with grace and will ask for “the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”