How to Invest In Yourself

A few weeks ago I was talking to my very good friend and she told me she wanted to invest in me. I brushed it off a bit because I know that she is a true and constant supporter in anything that I do so it was not strange that she would make a statement like that. But she made the point of saying that she was serious and that she meant actual money and that we should talk about how she can invest in my endeavours because she knows that I am going to be great! How amazing is that! She made me feel pretty great to have someone believe in you that much that they would want to invest in you with such confidence. Now please note my friend is not a millionaire (yet!), like me and most of us she is just a hardworking woman, who was willing to extend what she can from her earnings towards something (in this case someone) she believes in. It of course made me ask myself if she was willing to do that; in what ways do I actually invest in my own progress.

Invest In Yourself

How would we rate ourselves as an investment? How much do we value our own worth and potential? It seems like it would go without saying that our number one fan and supporter of our goals and endeavours would be ourselves right, but is that usually the case? How many of us when we assess how we spend our energies and time, place self-care and self investment at the bottom of our list. Investing time and care in our personal development, our well-being, our innovation and strategic planning for our life  ends up being an after thought or a once a year (new year resolution type) occurrence.

Investing doesn’t only mean money; it means applying the resources that we have, that is our time and passion and energy into driving ourselves to be the very best and highest version we can be. Its recognising our own potential and talent and making a commitment to nurture, grow and evolve.

Yes, focusing on ourselves for most of us may seem self-indulgent; especially in our busy schedules and in our roles as care givers to those around us (our families, jobs, friends etc.) But what we need to realise is that we need to fill up before we can give out, we need to carve out the time to renew and nurture ourselves and further develop our minds, our thoughts, our skills and talents, that we may be able to really tap into our purpose and calling. We may surprise ourselves how much more we are capable of if we just allow ourselves to really grow and expand and the only way to do that is to practice self-care, self investment.

Today and every day I commit my time and energy to developing and investing in ME! I will ensure that may days involve a space where my full attention is paid to my intellectual, emotional, physical and social wellbeing.




PS……. look out for tips on practicing Self Care and my new Self Care Guide e-book coming soon!