What We Do

At Providence we believe in meeting you wherever you are on your wellness and development journey, and can work with you personally, professionally and as a community.

Mental Wellness Coaching

A one on one private virtual session in the comfort of your own space. A means to talk through with Miguelle, the ways to process and cope with what is going in your life and the tools to maintaining healthy mental wellness practices.

Mental Wellness Coaching is an integrative approach which offers support and guidance to help you make positive and sustainable behaviour changes and to  find balance, wellness, enjoyment and meaning in your life.

Our sessions are person centred and are based on your pace and what you feel ready to talk about. We provide a safe space to listen and support you in your journey of self discovery, healing and health.

We are open to discuss anything;

~ relationships. grief & loss. anxiety. sexual assault. illness. family matters.~

If you would like to know more about this service, feel free to contact us on our Request Info page. If you are ready to book an appointment with me, please press the button below to schedule a day and time that works for you. 

personal development Tools

Performance Coaching is all about learning about your unique abilities, what motivates you and what barriers, if any, you may have to develop and achieve your goals.

I am happy to offer support and lend my expertise to help you do just that! This service consists of a combination of talent assessment and coaching.

I am accredited by BeTalent to administer their suite of talent assessments; which each consists of a questionnaire and a card sort exercise.

This will be followed by a one on one coaching session with me and a personal, confidential, easy to understand report that you get to keep.

From our session(s) we will use the Strengths Assessment Tool and you will gain insight and raise your personal awareness to:

  • Better understand your core and distinctive strengths.
  • Examine the difference between your aspired and actual strengths
  • Value what you bring to the table and how you can contribute in any environment.
  • Explore how this knowledge can be applied to improve your performance and personal development.

You can indicate your interest in finding more about this service by having a look at our Pricing page or by sending a message on our Request Info page.

Talent Assessments

Talent Assessments are designed to show your personality, traits, tendencies, strengths and styles as an individual and in the context of the workplace. It is a useful tool for the individual for personal development and growth and also for organisations to get the most of their employees and team performance.

I am accredited by BeTalent to administer the following talent assessments from their suite of assessment tools. All of the assessments consist of a questionnaire and a card sort exercise, a subsequent one on one coaching session and a personal confidential and easy to understand report.

BeTalent Resilience

BeTalent Inspiring Leader

BeTalent Culture Fit

BeTalent Team

BeTalent Decision Styles

BeTalent Strengths

Find Out More

If you are interested in our Talent Assessments for yourself or your organisation you can contact us and we will be happy to send you more information about the process, pricing and options.

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