Note to Self -Check My Circle

So the past few days have been really busy and demanding for me especially at work and as a result I didn’t publish any blogs for days. My husband noticed and all I could answer was I am just way too exhausted. Then yesterday I was chatting with my friend and found myself saying the same thing, I am so tired, so drained and so busy….. she listened like all good friends do then she told me that I should go read my own blogs. She asked me where is my “jelly cap” to preserve my mojo and why  am I not using my outlet (which is usually blogging) in order for me to recharge. Its not always great to be the recipient of your own advice …right back at you, but I couldn’t help feeling grateful. 


Dear Self,

As we get older, our circle of friends start to dwindle ever so slightly, for some of us it was never large to begin with and for others it has reduced to a circle of one. Whatever your posse size at the moment; it may be a case of quality versus quantity. Are you surrounded by people who bring out the best in you? If we believe that we can be a product of our environment, this is extended to being the product of the company we keep. When we surround ourselves with people who thrive on negativity, who are comfortable with dwelling within their pessimism and are not concerned with aspiring for a better version of themselves, what are our expectations for us being any different?

It is not always something that we are conscious of, we like who we like, we relate to who we relate to. But do we ask ourselves why? Are we drawn to what we think we deserve due to our own insecurities and fears? Are we drawn to reflections of ourselves or do we have people in our circle out of a sense of obligation? Do we think about the type of company we keep and I dare say, the type of company we are to those around us?

When we think about the people around us who we care about, those chosen and handpicked  relationships and friendships that we have nurtured and that we cherish.  Is  there room for us to have higher standards for the quality of these friendships? Can we be positive influences on each other, lift each other up, encourage each other to dream big without fear. Can we push each other to be better, to be courageous, do more, explore that passion, be each others cheerleaders?

Today and going forward can we take stock of who we surround ourselves with, who is in our circle and make a conscious effort to not only surround ourselves with positive influencers but to also BE a source of motivation to the ones we care about as well.



Special thanks to my friend; our talk inspired me to write tonight. 

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