Push Forward

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, if I am honest its been a couple of years and I was never able to do it as I was waiting till I had it all figured out and perfect. To when I knew exactly what I was going to write, maybe even have written it all already, that everything was laid out and perfected and all I would have to do is press a button and BAM!…Blog site…

My 2017 resolution however was to just take the plunge and do it, which I did…even without one prewritten blog… I just did it and vowed to just figure it out as I went along. Turns out that the world didn’t come to a grinding halt….and I was able to start penning my thoughts and build a small collection of writings…enough to be convinced by my husband and close friends that it was time to let others see. So Elle got a Facebook page and other social media offerings and literally overnight hundreds are reading my stuff. I have to admit I was totally freaked out (and still am a little) and had a bout of “stage fright” quite frankly… It is terrifying to put yourself out there, but after a brief hiatus, I have managed to just press on.

Push Forward

Dear Self,

There are times when we find ourselves in foreign territory or pushed into a place that we think we weren’t quite ready for, it creates a moment when we have to choose, should we push forward or retreat. Whilst the latter may be simpler, safer and in some cases the obvious choice… what is it that prevents us from standing tall in the truth of our capabilities and choosing to step forward.

A lot of times it is fear, self doubt, scepticism of our own worth, capabilities and resilience. We are never placed in a situation that we are not equipped to handle; many of us in our own way have set our intentions for how we want to live our lives, what we want to achieve and who we want to become; the universe then aligns us with that destiny and it is for us to be brave enough to grasp it.

No one says it is easy and that everything works out in some fairytale type of way. We have all learnt by now that most things worth having are never attained without challenge and that  we are fated to experience, loss, failures, regrets and moments of pure embarrassment, but all of these along with the countless times that we also experience success and glory, forge within us the expertise to steer through, each of us in our own way on our own unique life journey. In the end we must ask ourselves whether we wish to remain in the realm of what is safe and known to us; or whether we are willing to try at something new and discover within in us the true extent of our talents and abilities.

Today and every day, I will not retreat, I will be brave, stay true to my intention and press on.



PS Thank you everyone for the encouragement; the likes, shares and follows!!! You are all amazing!

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